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How I Achieved Work+Life Flow and you can too.

Do you feel like you have too much to do and not enough time or energy to get it all done?

Yea, me too. My health is vitally important, but when I’m fatigued and hit a wall, I sometimes found myself reaching for a quick fix energy boost. While fast, it left me feeling jittery or with a bad crash afterward. That wasn't good for my health. I needed foods that would help me overcome fatigue and achieve my daily and long-term aspirations. That's why I created TeaSquares, to help break through barriers and reach my aspirations. But nutrition alone isn't enough. I've become a big proponent of achieving Work+Life flow. Read below and learn how you can reach your aspirations.

Work+Life Flow

Blueberry Acai TeaSquares
Today I'd like to share with you some of my experiences around health, life, work, and flow. Work-Life Balance is the notion that for every 8 hours of work, you should have 8 hours of leisure. This concept assumes that work and the rest of your life are two opposing forces that are separate and need to be in balance. Work too long, and your personal life suffers. Have too much leisure time, you won't be financially successful. While this is an interesting concept, it rarely occurs in our 24hr connected life.

I believe that the notion of work-life balance is a misnomer, and instead you should embrace the concept of Work+Life FlowLet me explain.
Now, work+life flow isn't a buzzword that simply rebrands the concept of work-life balance. It's a fundamental difference in belief. Work and life should seamlessly blend together, instead of being diametrically opposed

***Now, one BIG caveat with this philosophy is that it applies when you do work that you truly love and enjoy. If you find yourself working an hourly job just to pay the bills, work+life flow can be a goal, but may not apply right now.***

If you have a job that you're passionate about, seek to get your work+life in sync. How do you do this? Identify your top 3 goals in life, and what you want to accomplish.
  • Do you have a family and want to prioritize coaching your daughter's soccer game?
  • Want to reach Vice President at your company by the time you're 35?
  • Or maybe you want to get fit by going to the gym.
These should not be "someday in the far future" goals, but things you really want to accomplish in the next year. Once you have your goals, share with your family and your boss and work with them to help achieve them.
  • That could mean leaving work early at 3pm on Thursdays to coach your daughter, and catching up on the project after dinner.
  • Or changing jobs and finding a company that recognizes the extra work you're putting in by promoting you.
  • Maybe you always hit a wall at 1pm, so going to the gym midday would really help to energize you.
We all want different things in our life, so take some time to reflect and identify your top life goals.

Embracing work+life flow has been crucial to my success as an entrepreneur. Remove the tension between work and life. Instead, focus on living one connected life.