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TeaSquares Focus Bites Launch

I’m excited to announce the launch of TeaSquares Focus Bites, our latest and greatest product. Focus Bites are a new and improved version of our Single Serve Tea Infused Energy Snacks. This version will be fully replacing our existing single-serving size, and this e-mail lines up everything you need to know about the transition, and how to order some for your customers!

When Can I Order the New Focus Bites?
Focus Bites are launching over the next month, and we will be phasing in new partners over time. That said, we are starting to take pre-orders for December delivery now. To order, simply reply to this email stating that you are interested, and how much you’d like to order. We will be transitioning ALL customers over to Focus Bites by January at the latest.

Why The Change?
At TeaSquares, we’re on a quest to help ambitious go-getters stay productive, focused, and maintain the right energy level throughout the day, and every day. I believe that you should have the energy to fuel your focus, chase your passion, and reach your aspirations.

With that in mind, we’re constantly on a quest to improve, grow, and innovate so we can bring our customers the very best. Over the past 6 months, the TEAm has collaborated with customers like yourself to build the next generation of TeaSquares. We took everything that you love about the current TeaSquares like our great taste, crunchy/airy texture, and quality ingredients and improved on it.

– Taste & Texture: Focus Bites will have the same great taste and texture as the current product. They will also remain the same bite-sized pieces, 4 to a pack.
– Flavors: Our flavors are going through slight renaming, but the taste will remain the same.
– Ingredients: We are highlighting our Focus Blend of ingredients to deliver functionality to help support mental energy, focus, and clarity. Newest is the introduction of Ashwagandha Root into all our bites. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen shown to help reduce stress levels, so you can stay focused.
– New Display Box: We are launching 4 new, beautifully designed display boxes to make it easy to showcase Focus Bites.
-UPC Numbers: will remain the same. Reach out and I can send you an update sales sheet and photography/asset package.

Thanks for joining us on this journey, and reach out with any questions

Jordan and TeaSquares TEAm